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“I can see the joy in their faces (everyone’s, actually) whenever I’ve seen The Skelton Collective play.” - Bob Gordon - Around The Sound.

Since forming in January of 2017, The Skelton Collective has leapt from the plate with frantically fun energy. With a collective 50+ years of professional musical experience, Jess, Craig, Deb and Daniel mix funky groves with their own inspirational mantra of “choosing Happy” to bring you the unique flavour of their sophisticated Alternative Pop.

Honey for your Ears


Groovy, melodic, sophisticated alt  pop.
Lyrics with Meaning and Music with Soul

The genre-diverse Collective is perhaps best characterised as ‘adult contemporary pop’, their many styles encompassing moments reminiscent of Ben Folds, Elton John, Missy Higgins and Toto. Jess’ voice glides and soars at will, confident yet approacha

Resistance is Futile!


Let your ears decide.

Considering the band has released over an hour’s worth of original material over two EPs, unveiled several videos, gigged consistently in their hometown of Perth and completed a successful tour of the East Coast, there’s a lot to feel good about what has been accomplished in a relatively short amount of time. 

New Single!

Coffee & Hope is the new single from Perth based quartet The Skelton Collective. Raw, honest

lyrics balanced with a quirky, up-beat sound bring you an alt-pop bop that’s not afraid to ask

“Are you ok?”.

Coffee & Hope invites you behind the scenes to share a more intimate and more vulnerable side of

the band. The Skelton Collective opens up about some of their experiences in living with anxiety and

other mental health issues, shining a light on darker thoughts but still remaining upbeat and



Choosing Happy

The second EP from The Skelton Collective.

Now available for purchase on iTunes and for streaming on Spotify.

All I Wanna Be

'All I Wanna Be' is a slice-of-life song that celebrates self-reflection and the joy of accepting and appreciating what you have. From a young age we are often asked ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’. Over romping piano this is their answer.


She is the hot new single from The Skelton Collective,

combining inspirational lyrics with optimistic, alternative

sounds to bring you an up-vibe pop sensation. This track

explores self-discovery, self-affirmation, and the quiet strength

of choosing happy.


R.I.F. (Resistance Is Futile)

A crazy feel good instrumental from its namesake EP.


Children Of God

A plea for respect, compassion and acceptance for all the children of the world.


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